Does art have a place in your workspace?

artwork at The Station

It’s a kind of double barrelled question really. On the one hand it asks ‘Is art in the work place a good thing?’ …and on the other ‘Do you have art in your current workplace that is beneficial in any way to you?’ Well, let’s answer the first question …and in so doing perhaps we can convince you to get yourself into a great workspace where art will benefit you. In a survey of more than 800 employees working for 32 companies throughout the U.S. that have workplace art collections, the answer to the question ‘Does art have a place in your work space?’ is a resounding “Yes!” …and here are a few good reasons why…

It has a relaxing effect on stressed workers

The survey showed that certain colours and form had a relaxing effect on workers who were experiencing stress. Not in the survey, but observed by those who match colour with psychological effects, shades of blues and white will have the effect of making people think of relaxing places – like being at the sea or looking up at the sky. Dark images of struggling masses are unlikely to create this effect however!

It has a healthy psychological affect on workers

The survey shows that art correctly employed in the right places can make workers happier and more creative. There are also colours that enhance this – warm yellows and orange hues are said to get creative juices flowing. Paintings and pieces that reflect warmth and wealth are good for the soul …and productivity!

It makes people want to work there

It was mentioned in a good article we saw about aspects of design in the work space that the physical appearance of the workplace has a significant psychological effect on staff, even during the hiring process. One study found that an attractive workplace actually doubles the chances that a prospective candidate will accept a job offer. Art if correctly used can make any workspace attractive and pleasing to the eye.

Funky art can be inspirational

The kind of funky, vibrantly colourful art that is displayed in places like the Station in Bryanston is just so inspirational it makes the kind of go-getter Entrepreneurs, that work and network so closely together in this exceptional work environment, just want to be even bigger achievers. The art all relates to a bygone era in the locomotive industry when big bosses made their fortunes sometimes at the expense of others and when trains were the only real mode of transport to many areas. It was about industry and romantic travel and every piece of art here is simply …well’ there’s just no other word for it …Motivational!

We hope this helps to convince you that art does have a place in your work space and if your personal workplace is dull and uninspiring, then feel free to view the art at The Station and talk to us about our very reasonable rental packages for the smallest businesses and larger spaces for the rapidly growing!