The Station offers a range of
cost-effective rental options
short-term rentals (as short 'n sweet as one month) to 12-month leases

and the freedom to expand your square meterage as your business evolves, from as little as R3500 per month

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We give you all the perks of a big corporate – a range of boardrooms, meeting rooms and breakaway spaces – without the headaches, at no extra charge. And, because ‘one-size fits all’ is about as appealing to us as a root canal without anaesthetic, each of our spaces is individually furnished for a variety of atmospheres, whether you’re a Freelance Creative looking to brainstorm or a Financial Director looking to better the bottom line.


At the heart of The Station - Caffeine, Wi-Fi and Convenience. Our dedicated coffee zone is the perfect spot to meet up, catch up, network and tap into The Station community; our fast, reliable Wi-Fi gives you the connectivity you need to put that double-shot-flat-white buzz to good use; and our business lounge provides busy individuals with the perfect place to read a newspaper, do some thinking or simply make the most of a little downtime. We want to work with you, which is why we get to know you and your business so that we can offer you a workspace that is ‘bespoke’ rather than ‘cookie cutter’. Looking for a furnished space? Done. Would rather furnish it yourself? With pleasure!