About Us

Who we are.

The Station is the brainchild of Bryprop (Brydens Property Group), a small, dynamic property development company with a large, impressive property portfolio.

As specialists in ‘green’ commercial, industrial and retail developments, Bryprop’s passion for sustainability is matched by its solid reputation and unique blend of skill, dedication, experience and reliability.

The Station Office - Private Serviced Offices
The Station Office - Private Serviced Offices

Our Projects.

Bryprop (www.brydensgroup.com ), not only brought sectional title developments to Johannesburg and developed South Africa’s first 5- and 6-star small office buildings, but it is one of the founders of the listed REIT, Tower Properties Ltd – represented on its board and proud to be associated with the company’s success.

With a number of other divisions, including letting, marketing, building management and property advisory services, Bryprop is more than a property group, it’s a company with vision – constantly looking beyond foundations and walls to see possibility where others may just see property. Its latest venture, The Station, perfectly demonstrates this, delivering a development that is as niche as it is inclusive, as affordably priced as it is premiumly appointed.

Bryprop at its best.

The Station

The Station is Bryprop at its best – leveraging the skills within the Group to create an affordable co-working environment that gives new businesses somewhere exceptional to start, expanding businesses somewhere extraordinary to grow and established businesses somewhere refreshing to think tank.

The Station Office - Private Serviced Offices