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We are a South African based company, affiliated to the Mokate Group. Our products are manufactured in a state of the art facility and are made according to South African taste profiles. Because every consumer has a unique expectation in a cup of coffee, we have designed a range of products to meet the varying expectations of South African consumers. A simple promise that comes in every pack of Mokate is consistency of the product in every cup. Every Cup the Perfect Cup. The Mokate range includes Mokate Gold instant cappuccinos and lattes, Mokate Gold premixed coffee, Mokate Gold iced coffee, Mokate flavoured milk powders and Loyd speciality tea.


Mokate Cappuccino is our flagship product, highly appreciated by consumers.

We proudly deliver pleasurable indulgence to our world-wide consumers. A unique satisfying taste like no other!

– Proven exceptional consumption experience delivered by velvet texture, topped with fluffy & delicate foam

– A delightful dessert taste in your cup

– Carefully selected ingredients and flavours to balance the unique taste

– Traditional recipe

– No preservatives * No hydrogenated oil

– Advance production processing with the highest quality assurance


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Find MOKATE Online:

Website: https://mokate.co.za/


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