4 reasons coffee and the office make a great mix

There has been a lot of controversy about coffee in general – is it good for you? Does it really get you going? Does it help to get people mixing? …and does a really great coffee area in the workplace help you do business? Well, we say “yes!” to all of these, as this article takes a look at 4 reasons coffee and the office make a great mix…

Coffee is good for you – It has been researched and proven over and over again, the primary ingredients of coffee (especially the stimulant caffeine) are in fact very good for you … to the extent that some nutritional authorities advocate that you should drink several cups a day for the following reasons: It makes you burn fat; it may drastically reduce your risk of type 2 diabetes; it lowers your risk of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases; it can drastically lower the risk of cirrhosis off the liver; it is loaded with nutrients and anti-oxidants and can even lower your risk of death! Phew, well without going into the medical specifics (just Google it) it’s a fact …drunk in moderation (3 to 5 cups a day), coffee is good for you!

Coffee gets you going – There’s nothing more important in the workplace than stimulation, whether it’s the stimulation of working in a great environment, or the stimulation that a great cup of coffee can give you to really get you going. It has been shown in many trials that the effects of caffeine on the brain are so good that it doesn’t only get you going, but can actually make you smarter! Research demonstrates that caffeine can improve mood, reaction time, memory, vigilance and general cognitive function. Caffeine improves physical performance too, so it really is a great way to be stimulated both mentally and physically.

Coffee gets people mixing – What better way than to get to know someone that over a cup of coffee? The mental stimulation connects people and the aroma alone is enough to draw people to one place. From the beginning of beautiful personal relationships – to business meetings- to break time at the most serious conferences, the phrase “let’s get a cup of coffee” is the signal to connect and enjoy a mutually pleasurable indulgence.

Does a really great coffee area in the workplace help you do business? – Well, it’s pretty clear that this question has been answered in the previous three paragraphs …and the answer is a resounding YES! Vibrant, dynamic workplaces like The Station, committed in every way to connect people, realise this and their coffee area is an exceptional communal space where all business people and their clients join together to share ideas, business information and network …and who know what kind of business relationships are built? …all over a great cup of coffee.

If you agree with our 4 reasons coffee and the office make a great mix… Connect with us to learn more and join us at The Station for a cuppa Joe, dirt, mud, java, brew …or whatever you call it – cheers!