Where your workspace becomes a great networking place

Many people underestimate the massive networking opportunity that a really good workplace can offer. Of course, the offices you occupy have to be conducive to enabling you to connect with fellow workers and businesses …but what exactly is networking in the workplace? …how do you go about it? What kinds of offices offer the right environment to enhance it? We answer all these questions as we look at ‘where your workspace becomes a great networking place’…

What is networking in the workplace?

Well, firstly what is networking? – B.N.I (Business Networking International), the largest networking organisation in the world says, it is about building relationships – in other words instead of selling yourself or your business to any other business, you assess what you can do for them, pass around ‘word of mouth’ referrals (said to be 95% of how business is done) and build trust based relationships. Their motto is ‘givers gain’ based on the age old principle that says ‘what goes around comes around.’ So what is networking in the workplace? …it is about making a connection with the people and businesses that work within your office area and building relationships with them.

How do you go about it?

Obviously, if you work at home we suggest you join a networking organisation – or better still, take offices conducive to networking and start building your business with the people you work in close proximity to you. Take some time to work in the communal areas and find out about other people’s businesses. In B.N.I it is called a ‘1 2 1’ – a face to face meeting with a fellow networker. Refer the accountants, for example, in your offices to a friend or business colleague and before you know it they are referring your insurance business to someone else. As trust is built for good work performed, these referrals become more numerous and ultimately can become a big part of your business!

What kinds of offices offer the right environment to enhance networking?

In really revolutionary office spaces like The Station, currently in Bryanston and soon to also be in Bedfordview, connecting people is so important that they offer every type of office space from just a ‘hot desk’ where you can literally have a desk when you need it – to small communal office spaces – to large spacious suites …but all with access to great common areas. This is exactly where your workspace becomes a great networking place’. The buzz and open communal environment is perfect to connect with people and start to build business relationships. Even ‘speaker platforms’ are being planned for the near future where each business, no matter how big or small, will have a presentation forum to tell others in the offices about their businesses. This is just another great idea from the guys who are serious about connecting people – Contact us to find out more and become a part of the best buzz in town!