4 good reasons to quit the home office for a great ‘work Station!’


You may be at home as you read this, taking a lunch break and wondering why your business just isn’t happening the way it should be. You do everything right and provide a great service or product, but you just don’t generate business on the level that you should …or get any of those ‘big’ clients. Well, as soon as you take a single coal from the fire it just becomes a burned out piece of charcoal! So, maybe we need to get you back to where things are hot! …as we give you 4 good reasons to quit the home office for a great ‘work Station!’

Distractions are destructive – If you currently work from home then be honest – you’re pretty fed up with trying to talk on the phone above the vacuum cleaner, as your housekeeper happily goes about her business, while yours goes from bad to worse! Let’s face it, distractions are destructive! The vacuum is just one example – kids, pets, your partner and a constant stream of salesmen and neighbours to your door will eventually drive you crazy. Based on the premise that ’time is money’ and if you have a reasonable business, work out how much of your time is lost through distractions and you’ll figure that a reasonably priced office will actually save you money!

Be seen to be serious – You hand out your business card or make contact via the internet or social media and your ‘work’ address is somewhere in some obscure suburb. It’s just not cool is it? The level of business you choose to do is directly related to the kind of image that your business projects. Step up your reputation by adding a ‘great to do business’ office address to your profile – it works wonders!

Location, location, location– You need to be where people want to do business. In Johannesburg, for example, without question the business hub is Sandton. A Sandton address spells success and reflects a business that means business! Commuting to work is fine and acceptable, but commuting back to the suburbs for the people you want to do business with, is just not going to work. Be around the corner from the people that count!

Networking and the ‘Buzz’ – Whether you want to admit it or not, working in close proximity to other busy businesses and cool, energetic, high powered people can give you the biggest boost – and a great networking opportunity every day. The best office space venues have common areas with a ‘buzz’ that will make you wonder how you ever worked in your four walled, standard issue, run-of-the-mill bubble that you call ‘Home sweet home’…and by the way it fast stops being ‘sweet’ when you are working there every day!

The Station is a perfect example of vibrant office space, in exactly the right place, that accommodates all these needs and more….and the best part? …regardless of the size of your business you can grow with us at great affordable start up rates. If these 4 good reasons to quit the home office for a great ‘work Station’ have convinced you, then Contact us to learn more and become part of ‘The Station – the platform that elevates your status’ today!