Why Mom’s workspace should be the right place!

As we celebrate Women’s month. It’s great to see some really serious initiatives taking place, like the drive to put a stop to the abuse of women and elevating equality for women in the workplace. Regarding the former, we say we’re in total support – there is no place in a civilized society for the abuse of women ….regarding the latter we say “fantastic ….and long overdue!” Due to a tough economy and the escalating need for both partners to be providers, there are more and more Moms returning to the workplace as soon as the kids are able to spend a day at a crèche or school. In any case, even if you don’t need that extra income, why should an ambitious woman not have the opportunity to follow a chosen career path or be an Entrepreneur with her own business?

Many working moms make one fatal mistake however when starting their own business and that is to make it a ‘home based’ business, because they believe it will keep them closer to the family …or possibly just save money. In this article we have a few good reasons why Mom’s workspace should be the right place …and by ‘right place’ we mean a well positioned office space. So if you are struggling with your home based business Mom, just read on….

Travel takes time and money – One of the first questions to ask yourself is, “Am I spending a lot of time travelling?” …to get kids to and from school and after school activities, go shopping, run general errands …and then how well positioned are you to meet clients? We know that this travel time can be a full time business in itself, so seriously take a look at a centrally situated office space. The money you save in travel time alone, when your office is close to everything, could easily afford you the kind of rental offered by good offices that have reasonable start up rates for smaller businesses.
You need a professional address – Let’s face it, women are already at enough of a disadvantage in the workplace, so to be seen as working Mom, working from home, is going to make things tough when you are competing in a business world that revolves around status and position. To have a Sandton address however, if you are a businesswoman in Johannesburg, will elevate your business status from ‘Working Mom’ to ‘Watch out here I come!” Further to this, the kind of distractions you can suffer at home can be very detrimental to your output and your self-image. Rather opt for a private functional office space; bright, impressive boardrooms and a sleek, sophisticated business lounge with a relaxed atmosphere …now you’re talking!

Support and networking
– Many don’t want to admit it, but being in your own business can be very lonely and tough to deal with, especially when you’re a ‘one woman band’ kind of business. In a great office space that has a bit of a ‘buzz’ going on, where there are shared office spaces and communal areas, you can network with others and begin to build a real support system, which includes having your workplace management worry about providing building management services. The Station at 63 Peter place for example, provides its community with uncapped Wi-Fi and personal telephone lines, as just a couple of the support services!

As a woman we honour you …as a working woman we greatly respect you and hope that this advice will help you to make a potentially life changing decision. If you now understand why mom’s wok place should be the right space then contact us for more information and advice. Join us at The Station to give your business the platform it needs to get it on the right track …and going full speed ahead!