Taking the leap into Entrepreneurship with Tom Bloom | Platform 63 Podcast

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In this episode we sit down with Tom Bloom from Tomahawk Industries to discuss his entrepreneurial journey.

We feel it is important to hear the road that others have walked so that we can learn from their lessons and improve our own journey.

“The Journey of an Entrepreneur!

In the past, an Entrepeneur was always known as a risk taker. When I was growing up I always took risks riding my motorbike, jumping off cliffs always pushing the limits but that was different.

Only now after taking the biggest risk of my life at the age of 40 leaving a top job at a corporate company as a director and head of the agriculture, construction, power and material handling business did I realise I still did not have purpose! Its not about the money!” – Tom Bloom

Some might call purpose a goal but I believe it is deeper and even more spiritual than just calling it a goal.

My story started in std. 8 when I realised certain subjects at school gave me no purpose, excitement, or drove my passion, I left school and completed my N3 in business management through a technikon.

Straight from college I went and worked on a farm in CT for a year hating life as I was in the prime of my jolling life and the only entertainment I had was a motorbike and pulling wheelies on the tar road.

I left and entered the real working world working for a construction company, I started as a stores clerk and after 5 years was part of the senior management team, in all the companies I worked for I started at the bottom and worked my way to the top.

I was approached by my previous company and offered a sales position selling Polaris quad bikes, this was the start of my 15 year career that saw me start our Power Division, construction division and forklift division and sit on the board as a director of a multinational company and 150 staff member compliment, I had been selected to attend a leadership program in the Netherlands  only 20 of us from around the globe from 3000 people) which I was in the final stages of completing, when I decided to resign in the middle of the worlds biggest disruptor Covid and start my own company based on my values, and most importantly my purpose……….

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