Tenant Feature:
Escape Safari Co.

We at The Station Office want to do our little bit by supporting our tenants during the COVID-19 pandemic by shining a spotlight on their amazing businesses!

About Escape Safari Co.

To us, a safari is the very essence of experiencing something new, whilst satisfying our innate curiosity about the faraway lands that bring us even closer to nature. They’re a surreal celebration of the natural world and the best holistic way for people to witness wildlife in their natural habitats without compromising the environment or its animals. As true nature and safari enthusiasts, we take great care to infuse adventure and detail in equal measures.”  – Don Heyneke & Mike Sutherland, Founders of  Escape Safari Co.

“Escape Safari Co. is an intimate specialist safari travel company that offers tailor-made, once-in-a-lifetime safaris that are inspired by curiosity. Over 35 years of collective experience in the industry has given us the unique ability to understand the intricate workings of the lodges we visit and the logistics that get us there.”

A well-curated safari can make time stand still, whilst enriching the soul in ways that only nature can. Our dedication to providing extraordinary and original African experiences is one driven by the symbolic significance and collaborative identity of what safaris mean to us. This has resulted in the perfect culmination of our passion for people, allowing us to share new surroundings and experiences with them.

A personalised approach and attention to detail make each journey one that turns the dreams of our guests into unforgettable realities. This makes every Escape Safari Co. adventure an extraordinary, singular experience that’s authentic, relaxed and deeply emotive. Our specialist safari knowledge and private guiding expertise results in inspired itineraries that echo the flow, rhythms and wonders of nature.

Our guests are people, not numbers. It is why our safaris begin with trust, safety and the forming of relationships. As a result, we go to the most extraordinary lengths to guarantee that all guests get the African experience they desire and deserve. For those passionate about conservation, safaris also help to preserve vulnerable and extraordinary wilderness areas in Africa. This makes our presence a vital and protective one

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