7 ways to go from co-worker to ‘Bro’ worker

From co worker to bro worker

Because economies are getting tighter and jobs in the corporate world are becoming harder to find than the proverbial needle in a haystack, we live in an age of Entrepreneurs. Small to medium enterprises (SMEs) are springing up everywhere and there are more ‘one man’ shows than ever before, so it figures that office park developments are offering smaller workspaces than ever before. We live in the age of shared office space and sometimes even shared desks!

It stands to reason therefore that if we want to be networking and identifying with fellow workers, we need to learn to conduct ourselves in such a way as to be a pleasure to be with, as opposed to being a pain to have to bear! This article, taken from a few excerpts of the conduct rules of Johannesburg’s coolest office space, the Station (now in Bryanston and Bedfordview) suggests 7 ways to go from co-worker to ‘Bro’ worker…

  • Booking the boardroom 

    Don’t book and then be a ‘no show’ when wanting to use a boardroom. Boardrooms and breakaway rooms are coveted neutral space, so be a ‘buddy’ and ensure your bookings are necessary, honoured and that you leave boardrooms, breakaways and bathrooms (another popular shared space) as you would like to find them!

  • Suicide must be your choice –

    There is enough evidence now that smoking can kill passive smokers as effectively as smokers themselves (about 600,000 deaths a year), so remember just as smoking areas are designated to respect your choice as a smoker, you really need to be a good worker ‘Bro’ and use them to respect the lives of others.

  • Keep furnishings to a minimum

    Obviously when operating in a confined space, utilising too much of it unnecessarily is not exhibiting good neighbourliness. Bringing in that favourite rocking chair to work, because it makes you think better, when your co-workers are forced into the passage won’t earn ‘Brownie’ points.

  • Rack and stack neatly 

    Stacking books, boxes, papers or any other objects against the glass adjacent to the passage is not cool, as it presents an unsightly and unprofessional view for others in the passage. Especially when the offices are decorated with such and eye for exquisite art, try to keep the look and feel right for everyone!

  • Keep the kitchen King 

    If you are like many others who really enjoy their snacks and lunches then be an office pal and keep smelly, messy stuff out of the kitchen. Be tidy and, as with the toilets, a ‘Bro’ worker will leave the kitchen spotless and ready for the next guy or gal.

  • Be a parking pal

    There’s no quicker way to ruin a co-workers day than to pinch her parking space before she arrives at the office! In all good office spaces parking is allocated and should be respected.

  • Aircon etiquette 

    There are a couple of interesting articles that tell of office aircon being biased against women. Apparently men like it much cooler than the fairer sex and those who have access to it abuse it to their own ends. Keep it at a reasonable 22 degrees to suit everyone and stop trying to get that cute Entrepreneur you’re working with to snuggle up to you!

In the hopes that these 7 ways to go from co-worker to ‘Bro’ worker will have convinced you to come and be part of the greatest work place buzz in Josie, contact us to find out about our range of office spaces, great benefits and our ‘Station to station’ initiative.