Terms & Conditions

The Station boardrooms are available for use on a rental basis. The Station activities will take priority over all other bookings. Use of the rooms must not interfere with the daily work of The Station Tenants.

The renter agrees to assume all liability regarding the actions of his/her guests. The renter and guests are asked to respect The Station property. Any items (food products, supplies, incidental effects) that are not directly provided by the renter are assumed to belong to The Station and its staff and are therefore inaccessible to the renter and guests.

Renters are responsible for any damage to the facilities and/or contents and fixtures. All damage must be reported to The Station staff immediately. Room Renters will be expected to cover all repairs and replacement cost of any damage to the facility itself and or the contents of such.

Renters are not to leave items in the boardroom, coffee area, pause area, kitchen or basement. All items not belonging to The Station are to be removed from the building when rental is completed. The Station will not be responsible for lost or damaged items that are left at The Station building. Please turn off the lights when you leave.


Bookings are not confirmed or guaranteed until a payment is received by The Station. You will receive confirmation email for your booking once payment via the online payment platform PAYFAST has been concluded. Non Station Tenants must pay for their rental prior to their booking.


Boardroom bookings are available on a first come, first served bases. All guests must depart the room at or before the indicated end time stated in the booking. Space for the boardroom is booked only for the times indicated. The Station reserves the right to cancel the boardroom booking. Should a cancellation occur by The Station, you will not be charged for the booking. The Station also reserves the right to refuse rental of the boardroom at their discretion.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations made up to 24 hours before booking will be charged 50% of the total rental fee. Cancellations made within 12 hours of booking will be charged 100% of the total rental fee. The Station also reserves the right to cancel a room rental for The Station events.


Majtiesfontein boardroom can accommodate up to 8 people boardroom style. Park Station, Chievely and Waverly boardrooms can accommodate up to 6 people boardroom style. Tables should not be moved without prior authorization.

The Organization renting the space is responsible for set-up, clean-up and ensuring the premises are properly secured if renting over a weekend. The room should be left in the same condition it was found.

Food and Beverages

Coffee and tea are available for purchase (includes stir sticks, milk, sugar, coffee mugs). Other supplies are the responsibility of the renter (i.e. plates, cutlery, napkins etc.) The Station does not provide catering services, but a list of caterers can be provided.

Please note: food items and supplies that are in the kitchen area belong to The Station and are not available for use.

Access & Security

An access tag is needed for building access at all times. The boardroom access tag must be picked up no later than 5:00 p.m. at The Station Security Office located on site.

Access Tags are to be returned to The Station Security Office the following day at the latest (or unless otherwise agreed to.) If the access tag is lost, the renter will incur a lost access card charge of R 200, and room rental privileges may be revoked.

After Hours Boardroom Policy

When using the building after 5:00 pm, it is very important that the building be secure at all times.  You will be required to have an attendant at the door while the door is unlocked.

Do not leave outside door propped open. This should eliminate the problem of individuals who are not a part of the meeting coming into the building.


The renter of the boardroom agrees to assume all responsibility for the cleanliness of the boardroom, returning it to the state in which it is found: garbage must be thrown out in the provided receptacle, all dirty dishes cleaned, and chairs returned to their proper place around the boardroom table.